Losing Sight Of Your Priorities? Find Them Back!

I had a long weekend. Friday was a public holiday, here in Mauritius. Yet, as I’m writing this, on Monday morning, I realise that even though I should have had more time to do what I had to do, I in fact did not. I even didn’t have the time to check out WordPress and check my mail as I used to!

What happened exactly?

Well, on Friday, I got my hair cut (again haha, I tend to keep it as short as a boy’s), then since it was a holiday I went to my grandma’s and during my spare time, I blogged (my last post) and did Art homework. Fine.

It was on Saturday that I lost it.

My mind, I guess.

losing my mind

Saturday is always a busy day for me, with tuitions and buying jewellery stock, but then this last one was also one filled with the best moments with my workmates, and also my best and dearest friends. But then… I don’t know. When I came back home, it was a whole fuss inside… for a lot of reasons I don’t really want to name.

It was just… an uncomfortable feeling of being tired, lost, not knowing what to do next, although having so much to do, whether it was at the moment or in the future… I was just in a very confused and overwhelmed phase.

Nevertheless, the only thing that was clear to me was that I was losing sight of my priorities.

Did you ever feel this way? One day you’re in total control of your life, so filled with things you love, so happy inside… then on the next it’s like your little world has been crushed, your lovely things scattered everywhere…?

So what do I do, to get back to order?

How to find back your priorities?


First, what we should do is to sit back, take a moment, stop thinking, meditate if wished, then ask ourselves these questions:

What the hell did just happen?

Identify why this sudden change of mood, why feeling so lost suddenly? Something surely triggered it: a thought, a sight, a gesture, a word, some comments… Sometimes, it’s very subtle.

Believe me, finding the source of the problem can always be of some help, if not all the help.

Is it significant enough to be worth of all this moodiness?

Is it? If it’s not, then a good nap will help, and on the next morning, your duties, priorities of your day-to-day life will come back as quickly as they got lost.

If not…

Okay I don’t know where I stand anymore. So let’s get back to the very beginning: what are my priorities?

What. Are. Your. Priorities?

What is the most important thing that matters the most in your life?

What is your MAIN goal?

Is it your family life, your business, success at school/work…? Community services?

Take your time thinking or writing your answer down. Indeed, writing helps especially to put things back in order. Usually the list will become longer and longer…

It’s all right, but there’ll come a time when you’ll have to choose the priorities among the priorities…

What is it that I absolutely have to achieve among these?

What are those priorities that are expected by everyone that you do them? For example, maybe you are expected to work hard at school, or to put the welfare of your family before everything else.

And what is it that I actually love doing?

Of course, the answer(s) to this question can be the same as those of the previous questions, but surprisingly, many will find very different answers. That’s because, unfortunately, society has its expectations and norms, which sometimes we wish we could just skip…

Now, try to limit your answers. Make that list consist of two or three items only. If you succeed in coming down to one main priority only, well you are done, congrats! You’ve find your direction in life back. 🙂

There are also some cases when although you have two or more items in the list of priorities but which don’t collide, and what I mean by that is that you can do both without any of them affecting the other one in a negative way. For example, some people can be dedicated to the welfare of their family while also being a faithful Christian/Muslim/Pagan etc… (thus the two priorities are family and religion/faith)

Otherwise, there are other cases when there has to be a choice.

Where there has to be sacrifices.


Example, many have to give up on going further into their career path to make way for their family life.

So what I do choose? Do I listen to my brain/reason/conscience or do I listen to my heart/feelings/instinct?

The hardest question ever in the world. I’m so stuck at this one.

Should I dare to take risks or stay on the shore?

We should all be aware that as you embrace an option, it might be possible that you lose the other one for ever…

And there is no turning back.

Oh yeah, life is life.

To be taken into consideration:

Urgent is different from important. ‘Urgent’ is something to be done right now, but which is not necessarily important, while ‘important’ is something that considers the long run as well, and which is not all the time urgent.

Choose what is important to you.

Do you want to share your answers? Or simply your opinions? Just check out the comment box below!

An Evil Nymph.

19 thoughts on “Losing Sight Of Your Priorities? Find Them Back!

  1. Priorities are (in my eyes) a kind of lighthouses and the straight way isn’t always the right way or the fastest – the way gives opportunities for choice – priority is a number of deselection and a wide range of options – feel glad about our choices of battlefield else we have to take new ones – and don’t feel sorry for our deselection else take new ones – I knows that it isn’t always felt that easy – but isn’t the way it is..?

    🙂 😉

  2. You are so wise beyond your years. I love the sentence: Do I listen to my brain/reason/conscience or do I listen to my heart/feelings/instinct? I still ask that question and I could be your mom 🙂

  3. Great post! You are a wise girl 🙂 I had this very feeling this morning. Often for me it’s to do with eating or sleeping lol, if I haven’t eaten properly or slept well I can feel very disjointed, and start to believe my life is all over the place! Then it;s time to eat, rest and then take a walk to clear my head 🙂

    After this I usually feel much better and can begin to organise my life’s priorities 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, loads of great advice!


    1. Thank you! Well for me, it’s the reverse process: this whole unbalance thing has to happen for me to eat or sleep improperly… Taking a walk helps indeed to get deeper into thoughts and find the order back again.
      You’re welcome!

  4. I love how despite these moments when you feel down, you always manage to work through the problem and attack it head on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with others, Daphnee!

  5. We all had it. I was in deep contemplative mode once in my life. It was so hard to wake up. We are just blinded by non-essentials. Actually, in my case, it was something bigger than me which I dare not elaborate. Very nice pointers. Thanks for the wake up calls. 🙂

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