In A Parallel World…

Hi everyone! 🙂 Here’s this week’s Picture It & Write:



In a parallel world,

Where animals would talk,

Where we would live by night and sleep by day,

And girls and boys would be equal in any way.


In a parallel world,

Where money would be worthless,

Where we would all speak one tongue,

And pray one prayer.


In a parallel world,

Where she would be at school, complaining of too little homework,

Where she would be accepted without any prejudices,

And her heart would be unbroken.


In a parallel world,

Which she hopes exists on the other side of the mirror,

Where she hopes she will never know love,

Or any regrets.


As she reaches out her hand to the parallel world,

It reaches out to her other self, her other hand from the other side.

And a tear rolled down both of their cheeks.

She then knew that her other self was also unhappy.

And wished to have known love and heartbreaks and regrets.

To have too much to do and not enough time.

To live as if today was her last day.


The one thing in common with the parallel world,

Is hope that things will change.

Instead of rolling in vicious endless cycles…


“Help me…”

She startled as her reflection utter these words, while she had not. She broke the connection, removed her palm from the mirror and blinked several times.

“Danielle! Come down for dinner!”

Her mother’s voice tore her out of her trance.

“Coming!” she cried back.

She turned back to the wide mirror of the bathroom. Her reflection was back to normal. She sighed and, not wishing to stay here any long, in case she would lose her mind, turned away, switched off the lights and went out of the room.


An Evil Nymph.

PS: This week I felt like doing something rather queer and different from what I usually do. What do you think? Please do comment below!

28 thoughts on “In A Parallel World…

  1. If you feel this is going to make you happier and at the same time not causing any problem to others, by all means do anything queer and different as much as you can !

  2. I absolutely loved this. A beautiful, heartfelt piece and extremely well written. It was a privilege to read it.

  3. You had me enraptured because it was so different for you. Poetry that kind of morphs into freewriting. The phrase “she hopes she will never know love” really stuck out for me in this.

    1. I do at times, though this blog is mainly writing-centred. Here’s my deviantart if you want to know more about my painting addiction:

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