TV Series Just Eat Me Alive

Something you should know about me: I can get easily emotionally attached to well-written books and good-plotted movies. I’m also a bit stoical because I almost never cry or whatever… even if sometimes I want to as sometimes it can be good for me.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ve seen that my latest tweets talk about the fact that I’ve finished to watch the whole Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) series yesterday.

terminator robot cameron

I yet have to watch the movies of The Terminator in 1984 onwards 😀 (so excited for that!)

Back to TSCC: This is a series that really touched me and that I fully watched. I usually like very few tv series because the more I grow up the more I expect specific things from movies or books or series… if you get what I mean.

I know I’m currently watching Dr. House and I’m a big fan of Merlin BBC series; the two series I love at the moment. For the latter it’s thanks to that that my love for Arthurian legend grew, until I could only love Morgan 🙂

But TSCC has had a different effect on me.

If you’ve read my post on the books that left a scar in me, my favourite ones of all time (read it HERE) you know that there are especially two books that I really enjoyed: ‘The Mists of Avalon’ and ‘ThePillars of the Earth’, both being more than a thousand pages. These huge books let me enter their world slowly, at my pace… and just when I feel I’m very much into it… the book just ends!

The brain is a complex machine inside of us. It can make you believe there are other worlds than this one by first making you dream… It makes you believe that your soul is connected to someone else, then when the person just leaves you you feel like in a life-in-death situation. You feel part of you is dying… You feel empty.

The brain is tricky and even more advanced than these T-1001 I saw in TSCC 😛

brain mental

“But it is flawed” (quote from TSCC)

My brain believes in other worlds that we can get into through a portal: a story, dreams, images… simple things of everyday life. That’s where you can extend your imagination.

And when the portal closes, when the last page is turned, when the screen goes black and the credits start to scroll… I feel this emptiness. Like something is dying in me. I had a dream once (and you can read it HERE) which meaning was that something is dying in me – and I don’t know what yet.

I always curse myself when I realise that I’ve been attached to a series or a book just like any human being would be attached to a life partner. That’s so weird.

Therefore when the last episode of TSCC ended, I felt a deep hole inside… like grief I guess? I’m still a little bit under the shock but don’t worry it usually gets better after some days. (omg it’s really like I’m grieving!)

Do you think this is weird? Or any of you ever had experienced this? Opinions?

Yours brainy,

An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “TV Series Just Eat Me Alive

  1. I’m on your side on this one. I totally agree. A well devised television series (of which there are few), movie or book can do wonders to my heart. I am not very emotional (teary wise) but when I’ve really connected with the characters I too go through a grieving process (still not teary, just that big gaping hole). When the Harry Potter series ended I went through a brutal grieving process (there was tears), I was unable to read fantasy for at least 2 years and I was in denial that it truly ended.

    In the past 6 months I finished the series Dollhouse which, unfortunately, only had 2 seasons because it got canceled. I fell in love with it and although it had flaws, I didn’t want it to end. I grieved for that television series as well and had to quickly latch onto something different, at the moment it is Angel (in my opinion it doesn’t compare to the “realistic” plot of Dollhouse. The plot of Angel is bizarre and jumpy but I really like the characters).

    Another series I love is Dexter but thankfully it hasn’t ended yet so I don’t have to worry about the big gaping hole. Friends left me bleeding for days. I don’t watch television but when the exams come around I try to find a worthy television series online and just watch it episode after episode. I need a television series that makes me want to write, something clever and out of this world. If not, it’s just mindless and I feel like I’m wasting my time. The gaping hole effect confirms that the series was worth all those hours spent.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Hey, Brainy Gal, it’s just as important to “feel” as be intelligent. Sensitivity is a good thing in my book of life. Emotional intelligence really does count in my world. Better you be emotionally invested in something than numb or neutral to everything, ick, cannot even imagine that and wonder how wishy-washy people really ever “feel” or live their lives “fully.” You just prove your “humanness” because I believe we all get attached to whatever moves us, even if we deny it. Books, people, nature…movies, art, love… whatever moves us, it’s all good. Not being moved by something would be frightening… well, to me. Write on 🙂

    OH! and before I go, I have to tell you I nominated you as one of my favorite bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Hopefully it will be a fun experience and bring more eyes to your great pages of life! For sure, I will be back (oh now, what movie is that line from LOL)

  3. I’ve never watched it myself, but sorry for you it’s over!! I hope you find something to replace it, that feeds you just as well 🙂 Me, I’m a sucker for X Factor. I really get a kick out of turning on the TV at 7.30 to watch it. Love seeing people bursting out of their hearts with talent and trying.

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