Destructive Yet Inspiring

Another Picture It & Write 😀 And again I’m inspiring myself from a short story I’m progressively building at random, depending on the picture Ermilia hosts every week, called ‘Unpredicted’.

Read what happened previously in the story:

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4. This Is Your Life. And It’s All You’ve Got.


This week’s picture:

Love is like a cigarette. When I first inhaled its toxic content I felt poisoned. Cursed. Yet I could not stop feeling its warm dusty air in my mouth. I could not stop. After some time, I found myself unable to have a reason for living without it. And I started to like it. A lot. Obsessively.

My love, I want you. I want to possess all of your being. I want you to be mine. And every time I caught you with that other girl, I felt a piece of my heart break away from the rest.

Until there was nothing left.

Love is destructive. It has destroyed me. I started to feel nothing but hatred for that girl – that obstacle between you and I – and I thirst for revenge. No one could have Caleb if I couldn’t have him.

Yet, when I released the smoke that was kept all this time in my mouth, I felt different. Relieved. And inspired. Love can also be inspiring. It could make me do things I would never dare do.

As Mrs. Therese, the president of our drama club and also our acting mentor, exhaled a puff of smoke from her bold red lips, I went on the stage and stood in the middle. She stared at me with her dark green eyes and nodded.

“You can start, Clare.”

The music started. I caught a glimpse of Caleb sitting at the back of the theatre, watching me. A strong wave of courage went through me and animated my heart. I had never danced before, in fact I hated it. But  I had to overcome my shyness and worries to obtain the main role… and also to impress him.

All I did, I did for him.

And I moved. I danced. I let the music flow through me… until we were one. I instantly fell in love with it.

And it gave me hope.

Thanks to his petty presence, I was sure that I had the ability to shine… even if he would not be the one in the audience to be mesmerized. After all, this was me. The stage was my friend. Drama was my passion.

Then when the music died and I bowed, I knew I had made a decision: if in the end he still doesn’t like what he sees…

The hell with it.


An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Destructive Yet Inspiring

  1. Hell yeah! To hell with it! You go girl! Haha, I’m glad she came to that conclusion at the end. I really love your comparison of smoke to love. Both are addictions. I like how you picked that up. I can’t wait to read more! Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write, M.D.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Ditto the hell yeah! I loved the opening paragraph so much! There was so much drama in this writing and then, “Drama was my passion!” 🙂 Love it!

  3. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back in the future. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great posts, have a nice day!

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